We Are All Invited to the Banquet: The Prodigal Son, Part 2

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and seldom tried.” ~GK Chesterton The second part of the Prodigal Son shows us just how hard it is to advance on the spiritual path. Here is the elder brother who has spent his time working for his father on the farm. He is coming home from an exhausting day ploughing. And as he gets closer to home he hears the music, and smells the fatted calf cooking. What’s going on? He catches one of the workers outside the hall and is told that his brother has come home and your father has thrown a huge party. What the hell? Pretty soon his father comes out looking for him. The elder son goes up to him and give him a piece

Waiting For Us to Come Home: The Prodigal Son, Part 1

It is easy to become a Christian; it is difficult to live as a Christian. To begin, simply profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and then be baptized by someone, even a Jewish nurse if necessary. We can see this playing out in the Prodigal Son. The kid demands his inheritance, then squanders the money on wine, women and cards. Waking up in the pig sty he realizes that his life is out of control, and he thinks he sees a way out if only his father would take him on as a hired hand. While returning home he rehearses that he hopes not for forgiveness. He doesn’t think that is possible after the mess he has made. But getting close to the house he sees his father running down the road to him. He prob