The Wedding Night

This is a follow-up to Fr. Terry's last blog "Graduation"(Graduation) where he told us that his sister Maureen turned into a witch when she went to bed. This blog is what happened on her wedding night, or, "How my brother-in-law became a Catholic." My veracity is beyond question. If you read my blog from two days ago on graduation, you may be curious about what happened with Maureen and her new spouse on their wedding night. I have the scoop from a good source. As I slept in the same bedroom with Maureen for the first twelve years of my life, I knew that her magic powers weakened when she went to bed. She would turn from a beautiful Irish Catholic girl, by day, back into an ugly wit

Fr. Terry's Thoughts

Father Terry Ryan, C.S.P., is a Paulist priest who travels throughout the United States offering workshops, missions, retreats and evening reflections on the Contemplative Experience. Fr. Terry is a part-time resident here at Old Saint Mary's and a good friend. He has a daily blog and we will be posting some selections from that blog from time to time. Graduation Once upon a time there was a little boy named Terry, who was very holy. he had a big sister, Maureen, who was a witch, but with magic powers she was able to disguise herself by day as a beautiful Irish Catholic girl. At night, when she went to bed, she turned back into an ugly with. Years later, this would make her wedding n

Pope Francis on being surprised by the Holy Spirit

Pope Francis at Mass in Santa Marta chapel speaking about resistance to the surprises of the Spirit - (Vatican Radio) There is always resistance to the surprises of the Spirit, but it’s the Spirit who continues to lead the Church forward. That was Pope Francis’ message at Mass on Thursday at the Santa Marta chapel as he reflected on the reading about division and resistance within the early Church in Jerusalem. Commenting on today’s reading from Acts about the Council of Jerusalem, Pope Francis said the protagonist in the Church is always the Holy Spirit. It’s the Spirit who, from the very beginning, gives strength to the apostles to proclaim the Gospel and it’s the Spirit who carries th