Imitating Abraham

Sunday, July 24, 2016 Imitating Abraham The passage we just heard [Genesis 18:20-32] from the Old Testament saga of Abraham takes us back some 4000 years to the heights overlooking the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Those cities now no longer exist, because (so the story tells us) of the outcry against them – so different were their citizens from Abraham. Though a recent immigrant himself, Abraham cared enough for the original native population that he was willing to plead with God to save them from destruction. For some, what stands out most strongly in this story is the picturesque image of Abraham bargaining with God, as if he were some tourist in some stereotypical middle-eastern mark

Is your life out of control?

Out Of Control A person told me that their life was out of control. Well, so is mine, and this can be a good thing. My life used to be out of control. Period. Finally, I decided that I had to do more than believe in God, pray to this God for momentary help to fix things, while I lived the illusion that I could steer my life back onto the wide road of self-will, just not at that moment. I took a drastic step. I surrendered control. So now, on my good days, my life is out of "my" control, but it is not out of God's control. This is a much narrower road than the broad highway of "my way." Plus, I don't drive. I am a passenger. Prayer is when I fill up the tank and clean the windshiel

The Changeling

Fr. Terry meditated on change. Given the violence and hatred and prejudice in the world today, God knows we need change. The Changeling One day my sister Maureen said to me, "Terry, you are a "Changeling." "What is a changeling?" I asked "It is where the devil changes babies in the hospital. You know how when Mommy comes home from the hospital she has a baby?" "Yes." "Well, Mommy is good and loving so the hospital gave her a good baby. But when no one was looking, the devil came along and changed the babies, took the good one and gave Mommy you." 'Where does the devil get the bad baby?" I asked "Oh, lots of places. Heretics, Communists and Atheists all have bad babies." "Well, wher