Welcome Fr. Joe

Fr. Joe Scott, CSP is the newest member of the staff here at Old Saint Mary's. Here is a little bit about him as told by him. (We don't have a picture of him yet so we'll post that as soon as we get it.) Now, here's fr. Scott: As a brand new member of the parish staff of Old St. Mary’s Church, I want to share a few words to introduce myself. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1946. My father was a cradle Catholic bearing Irish and Italian blood, with maybe a hint of German. My mother’s parents were born in Latvia and immigrated to Boston as young adults. They were Lutherans but my mother was baptized a Catholic when I was a senior in high school. Around the same time I listened to a t


Knock We hear the saying from the Bible, "Knock and it shall be opened." A lot of us thought we knocked pretty hard and nothing happened. God must be away or at least not on the other side of that door! The frustration might be because we think of the "knocking" as the first thing that we do. It is viewed as being at the starting gate of prayer. We have done nothing yet. We want to begin prayer. But I think there is another meaning. To Knock is to be at prayer already, beyond the starting gate. We move from slowly jogging as in verbal prayer, to a bit faster pace, as in meditation, and this is when the knock comes. We knock that God might open the door to contemplation, the full r

Bad Religion

Bad Religion Following on a previous blog on math, at least the math teacher does not have to "unlearn" you from bad math taught when you were younger. Math is progressive, one year building upon another. You don't have to unlearn physics 101 to learn physics 201. Algebra comes nicely after arithmetic. But in religion, we teach simplistically to youth and then later we have to deal with that when we are trying to teach adult spirituality. For instance, we tell children that God is in heaven, a place that is up, as in the sky. We go to mass or else God will punish us. We confess to a priest or else God cannot forgive us. Communion is a reward for being good. Prayer is our words and th

We all love change?

We all love change, don't we? Well whether we do or not change is a part of life. Fr. Terry comments on change in his blog. Change Someone said that it is sad that I do not feel I have a place to call "home." But I do not believe it is sad. It is disquieting, yes, because it is a change. But it is not sad. How can God being at work be sad for the soul? I am being asked to surrender, to let go of the sense of permanence in my life. I am being asked to let go of what is superficial, not what is crucial and significant. I am not losing my place to live, my room, or the companionship of good people. I am only losing that which is not essential to God's will and my growth. I can conti