Black Friday

Day After It is the day after Thanksgiving. Were you kind, caring and compassionate to everyone yesterday? I tried to be. I want some people to like me, not all, but some. I find that if I am kind and patient with everyone, including those who I find tedious, work, difficult and fault-filled, then I will be in a good and caring mood with the people I do want to like me. Being kind is like a train. You cannot make a train stop and go very easily. it takes a bit to get it moving, but then it is easy to keep it going. I find it is the same with behavior. If I practice good behavior all the time with everyone, then it is easier to practice it with people I want to like me. If I am grum


Abortion So why do so many Catholics think that abortion is wrong? If they say it is because the fetus is a human person, this is spiritual kindergarden. The spirituality behind anti-abortion goes much deeper than that. Christian spirituality begins with Jesus, not biology. What did he do? He gave his life for others. This is sacrificial. The cross is not just jewelry around the neck. Second, he was blameless. His suffering, his sacrifice was blameless. Like a rape victim, he did not do anything wrong, but violence was done to him, and he is willing to suffer the consequences for the sake of another. Fourth, love is a decision. Jesus did not wait around to feel love for the ot