Killing for God

Kill For God Religion starts out quite brilliantly, with great wisdom, generally. Then stuff happens. What stuff? Believers tend to kill people who don't agree with them. The killers have their narrow faith stance. It seems that fear is what happens and with fear comes killing. These people get into a belief list of issues that they call faith. Because it does not have to do much with love of others, or even connection with others beyond the tribe that agrees with them, fear seems to develop. They don't like people who are different. Differences threaten these "list believers." Over time, historical issues become matters for belief. You can have schisms based upon who is pope or he

What is God Belief???

God Belief God is not an "object" of faith. God is not a thing, and does not sit in a God house somewhere looking at all creation. When Atheists say that they deny the existence of God, they generally mean that kind of God as a separate entity somewhere. I don't negotiate with such a God, to come to me from wherever, heaven, and fix my life. I have some sense of differentiation. I am not God the same way that God is God, but I am not separate from God, ever. God is not a thing. God is more a verb. God is energy, power, action, or as one writer said, God is Love. God Is and is everywhere. I am always plugged into this energy, but the switch is not always on. Prayer and action such


Toes Once upon a time there was a handsome little prince named Terry. He lived in a castle. His life was not all peaches and cream though because he had a big sister who was a witch. Now the witch could not walk because she did not have any toes. So she would fly about using her magic wand to take her aloft. Now Terry had toes and the witch wanted them, but she could not get them if Terry was vigilant. His mother, the Queen, made him special socks that he wore when he went to bed. His sister could not use her magic wand to get at his toes while he slept because of the magic socks. Terry complained to their mom the queen about his sister but mom just told him they would have to put u

The God of Manyness

The God Of Manyness If your were to read the psalms, you would find that God has many different emotions and seeming personalities, depending on the particular psalm. God might at one time appear merciful, loving, kind, and patient. Other times God is warlike, vengeful, judgmental and punishing. God can be silent or roaring, demanding or accepting. God is all over the place in the psalms. How come? Well, I suspect that when these psalms were being composed, there were no "belief" wars among the Hebrew tribes. There might have been some political posturing, but not faith in the correct God issues. So no one was offended if one idea about God differed from another. Each experience wa