Financial Insecurity

Financial Insecurity HOMILY NOTES FR. TERRY RYAN, CSP MATTHEW 10: 26-33 JUNE 25, 2017 You can learn a lot from the Addiction Twelves Step Recovery Program. It says that after step nine there are promises. One of them is that financial insecurity will be removed. I like that. You sober up, stop being crazy, and get a good job. Finances are good. But that is not what the promise says. It says “fear” will be removed, not financial insecurity. Well, I am suffering some financial insecurity now. I don’t get paid unless I work, such as teaching, preaching and such. One of my main financial supports told me a few months ago, that it was not going to pay me anymore for my work for th

The Hate Debate

The Hate Debate In the wake of last week's tragic shooting at a congressional baseball practice, we have been regularly reminded how divided we have become as a society, as social, cultural, and class divisions increasingly seem to replicate our toxic political conflicts and/or are replicated in them. Angst about a "climate of hate" is not exactly new. For example, I can well remember in the aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination much commentary and sermonizing about the climate of hate in certain parts of the country - notably the climate of right-wing hatred in Dallas, which was quite real. (That said, the actual assassin, while apparently politically motivated, came from the othe

Monastic Life

Monastery Life I arrived at the monastery on a sunny morning. By the time I had unpacked the car, it was raining. This is what you would call, "A bad day to hay." You cannot harvest hay when it rains. We get a lot of days like this. Retreatants enjoy the sunshine, and then they go inside to read or pray. Hay Ranchers like to pray and read too, but not when it is hay time. God can have early morning, nighttime and evenings for our prayer. Hay Ranchers wants the daytime, the long summer daytime with no rain, so as to harvest hay. God does not always cooperate. Maybe God has other plans? God made cows, and they want hay, so why does God not cooperate on a more timely fashion? Hay Ra