Dismas Dismas is the name given to the "good thief" being crucified with Jesus. I suspect that he had been quite dreadful in his life of crime. One is not crucified in the Roman legal system for petty crime. Dismas more likely was a big time thief who brutalized and maybe even murdered people such that he had become notorious. What interests me about him is that he admitted his punishment fit his criminal life. "We have been condemned justly," is what he says. He may be a notoriously bad guy, but he is not a whiner or a blamer. He does not say his life is the fault of society, culture, bad government or abusive parents. Those may have been all part of his life, but he takes responsi

St. Paul

St. Paul Today (January 25th) is a very special day for my religious order, the Paulist Fathers. In our church, it is the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. It celebrates when Paul stopped trying to kill or imprison Jewish Christians, and began to proclaim his faith in Jesus. Paul is our model. One of the ways that we model after Paul is the way that we treat women. Paul collaborated with women in his ministry. He relied upon them to help him in preaching and running the house churches that developed in various towns where he preached. Women preached and were in charge. Paulists treat women more as equals and hire them to be leaders in various ministries. We do not treat them as

The Dash

The Dash Homily Notes Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP John 1: 35-42 January 14, 2018 We are all a “dash.” A what? Yes, if you look at the dates of when someone was born and when they died, you notice the numbers. But there is a dash between birth and death dates. That dash represents their life. We are all a dash, and are in fact living our dash right now. Whenever you become self-imploded, feel you are the center of the universe, that your plans should all come about, become angry that people ignore you and your plans, then remember you are but a dash in the lifetime of the universe. Drop your ego a peg or two. On the other hand, once you get right-sized, there is good news. This das

New Year's Resolutions

New Year Resolutions It is the first day of a New Year, 2018. What do many of us do? We set resolutions or goals for this year. The goal is clear. The process, the details are a bit hazy. We think we will suddenly change our manner, habits, and daily routines, but we do not figure out how nor note why we have these habits in the first place. What happens? We slip. We violate our goal, our new standard of behavior. We then feel some shame and guilt. We don't want to feel badly, with this shame and guilt. So we lower our standards, goals or resolutions. Shame and guilt gone. Without a plan, and some help outside of our own selves, the only way this plan for the New Year will avoi