A Friend

A Friend What is a friend? I used to think it was someone who made me happy. Duh. That scores a 100% on the Selfish Meter. Being happy with a friend requires a lot of me. Like what? Like giving them time to be listened to. Time and listening is important. Listen to what? If my friend talks about her weaknesses, ask her about her gifts. If she talks about her needs, ask her about her mission or purpose in life. If she thinks she has none, I need to note her gifts, unique to herself. We are all unique as givers, and all the same as takers. In all this my hope is that she knows she is loved, valued and precious. If she seeks any guidance, I must be on my own spiritual path so that

The Less You Know

The Less You Know Sometimes, the less I know about a situation, the more likely I will choose it. For instance, I chose to come to the monastery yesterday to have some monastery time, help out, be with the brothers, and so on. A real spiritual high so I thought. But I did not know about a few things. For one, my bathroom next to my room had the water shut off due to a leaking pipe. Two fights down stairs and a long corridor is the next bathroom. In my room, my chair is missing as is my blanket that was on the chair, and a table was gone. The monk who will sit next to me in choir is at death's door with congestion. Knowing me, I would simply have bailed on coming up here and decided t


Losers "AA is for losers," or so I have heard. I tend to agree. Everyone is AA has lost something, maybe everything but their life, which would have been next had they not gotten into recovery. And all the members feel lost, in a daze. No one hangs around in AA unless they have lost a lot. People who have lost only a little due to addiction, think they are "OK" and have things under control with only this temporary setback. Like marriage over, car wreck, job loss, and deteriorating health. I certainly have had losses, as most of us have. I did not get over them or work through them alone. I found people who had losses like mine. But I only tried to find like-minded people when I f

Happy Easter

Happy Easter If you are trying to make something of Easter, you might want to make some quiet time for yourself. That is, make a choice for some silence. It might make you more attentive to what is going on around you, much less within you. Silence is the food of our inward self, whatever inward might be. For all those people who believe in Resurrection and are going to make this a pretty noisy day, you might recall that in the Resurrection story, Jesus seems to rise at about dawn or even before that. Not much noise going on. No fanfare. The guards were blown away, yes, but no other people seem to have experienced the event. Maybe Jesus wants to surprise you in the quiet on this day.