Grace All the children love one teacher, but then right next store is another teacher, and her children do not have the same love. Two teachers, both competent, both with same age children, same demographics. You could make it too priests, or two anybody, who have the same skill set, and intelligence. Why is one loved more than the other? I call it the hidden ingredient. That is, it is hidden from the person who is loved, and even the children might not be able to name it. If asked, they would say, "We just love her/him." Both teachers would be praised for their teacher skills, and competence. But it is the hidden ingredient that brings out the love. Since you cannot seem to contr


Anniversary I was about to post a blog for today, and something in me kept saying that May 14 was some special day. Like what? Duh! I suddenly realized that I was ordained a priest on this date 41 years ago. I had such high hopes then, mixed with some fear and sense of being overwhelmed on this day so many years ago. I was going to fix a lot of broken things, make the world a better place, make a difference. I was sincere but a bit ego-centered. I would find out, not soon enough, that I first had to fix me, and that would take a spiritual journey I had not envisioned on the day I was ordained. What I know, is that God had my back, even though I was delusional. Though some people tel

The Stranger

The Stranger What is a Stranger? One person describes a Stranger as a Friend I have not met yet. I like that, since I tend to be wary of strangers, not that they might hurt me, but that they might interrupt my controlling tendencies of the world around me. Friends, even when not predictable, act within my accepted window of "OK" where fear does not take over. Strangers tend to press the fear button, or the annoyance button. I like things predictable. But in reality, friends I have were all at one time strangers in my life. I gave them and they gave me time to meet and know one another. I don't mean someone who is meandering by or passing, but someone who enters into what I think is m