Change Faith is not something that is unchanging. It is steeped in time. It was revealed, and developed in a specific time. Time affects faith. If you want to pass it on to others in the future, you need to make it relevant to the changing time. If you did not care for future generations to know about faith, than it could fossilize. People nowadays memorize a creed but I doubt it changes them for the better because of it. Faith has to adapt to each and every age. The similes and examples that you use to compare and contrast have to be modern, up to date to explain a faith. Institutional Churches have to adjust to the modern mentality. Holding on to the past as past being the norm,

Lack of Power

Lack Of Power Homily Notes Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP Mark 6: 1-6a July 8, 2018 Lack of power, this is what many of us say is our problem. But the gospel offers it as an opportunity, rather than a problem. Jesus has a “thorn in his side.” It is his relatives and long-time friends from his hometown where he grew up. They are offended by the change in Jesus, from stay at home carpenter, to traveling preacher and healer. Crucifixion and resurrection will really blow them away. Jesus is powerless to change them, and he is supposed to be God! What is his response beyond amazement? He continues to do the best he can, moving on with his ministry, calling, vocation, to be all that he was bor