Staying I ask myself why I stay in the Catholic Church. Organizationally and publicly things are not going too well for us. But I am a guy who likes my flesh to be touched. I like hugs from friends. Hugs touch my flesh. Holy Communion touches my flesh. I put the host in my mouth and eat it. For me, I am connecting to God when I do this, and it is in flesh. I like the idea, for me, of touching God. Maybe God likes touching me too. Anyhow, God is supposed to be in the host. I don't really ask the question, "Why stay?" I ask, "What holds me." The whys are so much mental efforts, and I was never a Catholic because of organizational structure or even theology, beyond the sacramental t


Camouflage I think of God as Camouflaged. Someone is camouflaged so as not to draw attention directly to themselves when they are near to you. They want to be near, but somewhat hidden. Why would God do that way to me? I think it is because God wants me to look with wonder at creation, to search the questions of my soul about things deeper than daily routine tasks and what I will buy next. God gave each of us an imagination. So I use it to try and open to possibilities rather than to be stuck in certainties, and intractable opinions so often based upon fear and ego. Prayer is to sharpen my inner eye so that I recognize the camouflaged God, hidden by the blindness of a more shallow l