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Welcome to Musings...

Welcome to Musings, the newest part of our web ministry here at Old Saint Mary’s, San Francisco.

On this page we will feature the thought of some of our Paulist brothers. There will be quotes from

Servant of God Isaac Thomas Hecker, the founder of the Paulist Fathers. Although he lived more than 150 years ago, many of his insights are very fitting in our day.

We will also feature modern day musings, excerpts from the blogs of some of our current Paulist thinkers. From here in The City by the Bay, we will read the thoughts of Terry Ryan, CSP, who travels the country as a missionary and comments on his blog about contemporary matters in the spiritual life. Also Richard Chilson, CSP, a distinguished author and spiritual writer who is retired and resident here at OSM. We will also here from John Collins, a missionary legend from our Mother House, St. Paul the Apostle, in New York. I am hoping that Ron, Franco and Rich Andre, both in Knoxville, Tenn, will add their thoughts as well. And from time to time, I might even through in a few thoughts of my own,

Feel free to comment or ask questions about what you see on this page!

Tom Tavella, CSP

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