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Do you Text?

Here's another one of Fr. Terry's blogs. In here he speaks to one of the growing problems in today's world--texting instead of talking.

Text Talking Silence is counter cultural to technology. When you are alone with your computer, you are not silent, as in being open to an interior insight. Texting is talking to yourself about what you want type or send to someone else. You are editing the text in your mind, though you are not making any sounds. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is a quality of being with yourself that is the doorway to solitude. It is the way to an inner world, your inner world. But for many people this kind of silence would give a feeling of loneliness, disconnection with the outside world of "Happening events." Boredom might be felt. Boredom, loneliness, disconnection are seen as things to be avoided, like a plague. I see them as simply small obstacles on the spiritual journey. They are feelings and judgments that pass as you go down the road. Even if someone has no belief in a particular deity, the person still has an interior life. It is how we are put together. If we ignore it, then I think we end up with true loneliness, boredom and disconnection, not with the outside world, but with our own self.

Fr. Terry's blog can be found at:

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