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We all love change?

We all love change, don't we? Well whether we do or not change is a part of life. Fr. Terry comments on change in his blog.

Change Someone said that it is sad that I do not feel I have a place to call "home." But I do not believe it is sad. It is disquieting, yes, because it is a change. But it is not sad. How can God being at work be sad for the soul? I am being asked to surrender, to let go of the sense of permanence in my life. I am being asked to let go of what is superficial, not what is crucial and significant. I am not losing my place to live, my room, or the companionship of good people. I am only losing that which is not essential to God's will and my growth. I can continue to do God's work where I live, but with that sense of impermanence that is so important if my work is to continue to be God's work through me. Surrender is seeing what is nonessential and letting go of it. The Love of God, the relationship of letting go of past and future is essential. Fr. Terry's blog can be read directly at:

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