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Looking Back

Some of the health issues that I now have, originate in bad habits, or unhealthy patterns of many years ago. I look back and remember when I used to smoke, sunbathe, eat lots of sugar and drink. When I first began any of those things they seemed to be pluses or at least harmless. Having a nice summer tan, or better, a winter tan from vacation, made me look good. Sunlight is a good thing, right? Alcohol at parties and sport events made things more fun. Sugar always tasted good in whatever form, except fruit. It caught up with me. Even bad habits, stopped long ago, seem to be having their effect. I puff and pant when I run. My dermatologist is always having to do something with my skin. Now if bad habits have long term effects, what about good habits? Maybe I might start a good habit, like a daily reflection/meditation time. At first, maybe no seeming effect. But over time, I suspect good habits will have lasting effects, just like bad ones. Never too late to start a good habit, and drop a bad one.

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