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Abortion So why do so many Catholics think that abortion is wrong? If they say it is because the fetus is a human person, this is spiritual kindergarden. The spirituality behind anti-abortion goes much deeper than that. Christian spirituality begins with Jesus, not biology. What did he do? He gave his life for others. This is sacrificial. The cross is not just jewelry around the neck. Second, he was blameless. His suffering, his sacrifice was blameless. Like a rape victim, he did not do anything wrong, but violence was done to him, and he is willing to suffer the consequences for the sake of another. Fourth, love is a decision. Jesus did not wait around to feel love for the other or for all people. This is the Christian path to transformation. I think it is everyone's path to transformation. I do know some Christians who wear crosses as jewelry, and are against abortion because of their opinions on biology and the status of the fetus being a human being. But they would not enter into blameless suffering as a decision for another. Bringing an unwanted pregnancy to birth is very counter-cultural today. I suspect the cross has become counter-cultural as well. St. Paul calls it a stumbling block, much like an unwanted, and even blameless pregnancy. Now pre-birth humans that are killed/destroyed while still in the womb are much like Jesus. They decide to love the mothers, though their death was blameless. They are with God and praying for their mothers. The miracle is that no matter how we are conceived, we are all lovers from conception. Though daily life can harden us, transformation returns us to our original true self. The cross says that it is no easy road.

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