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Fr. Terry on Christmas--"Potty"

Potty It took a little three year old to remind Christians what Christmas is all about. God really did become human, with the limitations of humans. Here is the story. A mom brings her three year old daughter up to the manger scene a few days before Christmas in church. The manger is empty. The three year old says, "Look Mommy, the manger is empty. Jesus is not there!" The mom then proceeds to explain all about how Jesus does not come until Christmas Day. It is a bit too theological for the child and misses the point of awe. The three year ignores her mother's explanation and says," Oh, I know. Jesus had to go potty." She got it. The gospels are all about what goes on between potty breaks. Jesus does not seem human like you and me in the gospels. Humanness is all about limitations and human necessities. If God is willing to be human, why do you have problems with your own limitations. You and I are not God. Acceptance of our limitations and those of others makes for more peace on earth and good will to all. a

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