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The Divine Ordinary

The Divine Ordinary

There is a great insight in the idea that the divine would show up in a human being. In the case of Jesus, he spent some thirty years in an ordinary way of life, nothing worth writing home about, or writing about at all. The insight is that God shows up in ordinary life, more than in wow moments. You don't need a big spiritual or mystical experience to be God touched. God is not so dramatic as we might want or think. For that matter, most of the drama in our lives is human made. God is more likely in the ordinary, everyday time and events. What gives you the energy to do daily tasks faithfully, even when no one seems to notice nor say, "Thank you." This is God at work. Many people do works of service and love to make the world a less painful place for others, and these faithful workers never have a mystical, contemplative experience. Anytime you are making the world a less messy place, you are the divine in action. Resentments hurt only yourself. The selfish and self-absorbed could care less about your feelings.


Fr Terry will be giving a two part meditation on The Spiritual Journey--Saturday January 28th from 9:30-12:00 and Sunday, January 29th after the 9:00 Mass. Both sessions will be held in the classroom in the back of the Bookstore.

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