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Open Doors Often, when people look to religious institutions to quench their spiritual thirst, they find that the door is closed. Signage such as, "No one in the office." "Come back later." "Leave a message and someone will contact you." "See our web site." And when institutions do offer to help, their solution is one size fits all. So that door "Religion" does not seem to open to quench your spiritual thirst. Now right next store their is another door that is always ready to welcome you. The signage reads, "Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Food Binges, and Sundry Others." This door beckons you in your spiritual search. But I guarantee you that the only time you will feel better is in the entryway. Beyond the entry is excess. But when you are empty, any door that will open seems to be a solution. We all have a spiritual place in our heart that wakes up hungry every day. I don't wait around until my hungry has reach the place of starvation. I try and feed it earlier in the day rather than later, so that bad things don't happen. I don't want to end up knocking on the wrong door. Oh. My door needs to be open for others who show up spontaneously. I want to be part of the solution not the problem. For this I need my sanity to be fed.

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