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Faith and Love

Faith And Love Faith versus Love. Which will change you? I think it is love that leads to change for the better. I meet lots of people who say that have faith that Jesus is God, or no faith, or strong faith or weak faith. What they all have in common, if it is just about faith, is the way they live their lives in relation to this Jesus and one another. They all think Jesus is nice and his teachings commendable. I have seen some atheists and agnostics be better followers of Jesus' teachings than believers. What brings about change for the better, from mediocrity to selflessness, is love. So for me, the Christian, the question is: "Do I love Jesus?" It is not do I believe. Yes, I believe, but this in itself does little than make me feel better about God. Each day I have to ask myself, "Do I love Jesus?" Sometimes, no. There are vast amounts of time when I hardly think about Jesus at all. He is not on my radar. If at any of these moments you were to ask me if I believed, I would respond "Yes," right away. If you asked me if I loved Jesus at that moment, I would be enveloped by silence and embarrassment. There is a good chance that when my heart is ignoring Jesus, I am not at my best behavior or attitude. There are many believers but few lovers. Love changes for the better. Faith? Not many followers of Jesus based on faith alone. Now I wonder if my mailbox has cobwebs on my birthday? If so, my life is filled with heartless believers.

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