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What is God Belief???

God Belief God is not an "object" of faith. God is not a thing, and does not sit in a God house somewhere looking at all creation. When Atheists say that they deny the existence of God, they generally mean that kind of God as a separate entity somewhere. I don't negotiate with such a God, to come to me from wherever, heaven, and fix my life. I have some sense of differentiation. I am not God the same way that God is God, but I am not separate from God, ever. God is not a thing. God is more a verb. God is energy, power, action, or as one writer said, God is Love. God Is and is everywhere. I am always plugged into this energy, but the switch is not always on. Prayer and action such as love, compassion, and kindness, turn on the switch. I am always in "bluetooth" connection with God. Oh, did I just endorse Apple products?

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