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Financial Insecurity

Financial Insecurity HOMILY NOTES FR. TERRY RYAN, CSP MATTHEW 10: 26-33

JUNE 25, 2017 You can learn a lot from the Addiction Twelves Step Recovery Program. It says that after step nine there are promises. One of them is that financial insecurity will be removed. I like that. You sober up, stop being crazy, and get a good job. Finances are good. But that is not what the promise says. It says “fear” will be removed, not financial insecurity. Well, I am suffering some financial insecurity now. I don’t get paid unless I work, such as teaching, preaching and such. One of my main financial supports told me a few months ago, that it was not going to pay me anymore for my work for them. What to do? One thing not to do is the be afraid. Why? Because fear is what paralyses us. With fear, we tend to doubt ourselves in our work: “If I cannot make enough money, maybe I should stop what I am doing, give it up. I am a failure.” That is the paralysis of fear in action. But failure and obstacles need not stop us if we believe in ourselves. A professional baseball player can make a lot of money and fail to get a hit seven out of ten times. That is a lot of failure. But if he believes in himself, then he keeps at it. In soccer they run up and down the field for ninety minutes and score a goal of two. All the other kicks are failures, but the players believe in themselves and don’t give up. A musician “practices,” and makes lots of mistakes, but believes they will get it right eventually. Failure and obstacles are always going to get in the way of our inner belief in ourselves and our talents. Jesus says to fear not. His followers are going to have a difficult time of it, as did he. But if in the darkness of their heart they have the fire to keep trying, then outside obstacles won’t defeat them, and their talents will come to light and bear fruit someday. Jesus says, “ Don’t worry about those who can kill the body (the outside obstacles).” Don’t let them destroy your inner passion for the belief in yourself. The Holy Spirit will be with them. God takes care of the animals. God will be with us in our struggles, setbacks and failures along the way. So believe in yourself, and keep trying. Don’t let fear paralyze your unique self.

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