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Don't Fear

Don't Fear One of the promises in AA recovery is that after you have worked many of the steps, you will have fear of economic insecurity removed. It does not say you will be rich or well off. It just says, you may be poor but you will not be afraid because of lack of income. I used to think that everything would be fine with spiritual growth and maturity and sane living. Not so in the financial end. I am suffering from economic insecurity, or lack of income, for various reasons. If I become frightened over this, I might give up what I am doing, even though it fulfills me and helps others, because "it does not pay the bills." Fear would paralyze me. How many of us do things we really hate, or that suck us dry, because we fear giving them up. That would be "dry" sobriety, a dry, parched life. But if we let go of the fear, we might keep on doing what gives us life. I trust in my own case that things will work out somehow. I don't know how. All I can do is deal with the fear, and I have a way to do that. Is it better to be poor, but happy, at peace, fulfilled, or rich and fearful about losing this or that?

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