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Violence Why is there seemingly so much more violence in the world today? Progress in technology seems to have created greater means of violence and easier access to it. Explosives used to be in the hands of few people. We have made progress in the manufacture of explosives, e.g. plastics, and it is more readily and cheaply available to individuals. We used to attack someone with a stick. Now we have powerful automatic guns and rifles. Weapons that are more destructively advanced are now simpler and easier to obtain. Manufacture of weaponry is big time and profitable. Though we seems to worship at the foot of the god of "progress" we might need to keep in mind that more is not always better. People may always be angry, upset and irritated by conquerors, colonial powers, and exploration, but if the people cannot do much about it, then not much is done. Now the little guy is armed big time and dangerous. 40th Anniversary of ordination. I am the good looking one on the right. In San Francisco

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