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Misalignment There are two kinds of "fits" in my life and both can be fixed, but with different steps. One fit is when I know I am doing something or being somewhere that simply is not a good fit for me. It could be a work situation or a relationship. When I am spiritually fit, I will intuit or sense this. Generally, the solution for this is to move on. In this situation, there is nothing the matter with me or with the work or person. It is just not a good fit for me. It could be a high paying, ego boost job, but it is not the job for me to be my best and truest self. It could be a wonderful person to whom I relate, but we just don't fit together. Move on. The other fit is "misalignment." Here, everything around me is good, but I am a mess. It could be at a social event that is otherwise healthy, or simply being at school, but I feel as if I don't fit in. I am misaligned with my surroundings. Now if I drink to try and fit in, then I would be "sliding into misalignment," even more. For this, there are the programs of recovery, the twelve steps, some spiritual practice to get me aligned with the world. When you are a mess, this is generally misalignment. When you are healthy, inside and out, then it usually is "not a good fit." No one needs to be fixed when it is simply not a good fit. For me, the business world I worked in was this sort of "not a good fit." I just did not belong there. The monastery is a good fit.

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