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Soldiers for Christ

Soldiers For Christ When I was confirmed as a third grader, I was told that, with Confirmation, I was becoming a soldier for Christ. Who was I to battle? The devil? Where is that? Years later, I have come to realize that I was indeed a soldier, and my war was with the attack of my character defects. It is a war that is never over, and I need all the grace and help I can get. Each day I awake to differing battlefields. I might awaken and it is quiet and peaceful. This is temporary, and very temporary if I do not be a good soldier and prepare for the inevitable attack. Prayer, meditation, checking in with other soldiers in the same situation as I am, group support and being of help to others in this battle, all become the preparation and the honed weaponry for “The Attack Of The Character Defects.” If I do no preparation, then I will be overwhelmed and beaten down by a surprise attack. Attacks are never expected by the prideful soldier who fails to bond with powers greater than their singular self. The battle is within. Character defects don’t necessarily attack because of outside situations. It is the inner weakness of non-preparation, no daily drills, that make the outside event into an attack of character defects. So I guess that my third grade teacher, a sister, was right when I was about to be confirmed. I am a soldier for Christ. I should be teaching confirmation!

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