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New Year's Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

It is the first day of a New Year, 2018. What do many of us do? We set resolutions or goals for this year. The goal is clear. The process, the details are a bit hazy. We think we will suddenly change our manner, habits, and daily routines, but we do not figure out how nor note why we have these habits in the first place. What happens? We slip. We violate our goal, our new standard of behavior. We then feel some shame and guilt. We don't want to feel badly, with this shame and guilt. So we lower our standards, goals or resolutions. Shame and guilt gone. Without a plan, and some help outside of our own selves, the only way this plan for the New Year will avoid shame and guilt is if we can lower our standards, goals or resolutions faster than we can violate them. I have found it so. And those were not very good years. Happy New Year! Mine have become so since I stopped trying to do it alone.

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