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God Questions

God Questions When it comes to faith issues I think that there are two questions that we need to ask if we are going to have an adult faith that works for us. When a child, you are often given a faith with answers from traditions, cultures and dogmas. Children tend to believe authority figures, but in time they wonder, question and doubt. So here are two questions I would suggest. First, ask of the divine, should there be one, “Who are you?” The answer is crucial for you because it will begin a personal relationship that has a power to positively affect your life. It becomes your faith and not some other person’s. The answer will not be dogmatic either. I know many people who give me a dogmatic answer right out of a creed, but the answer does not seem to make them better people. Once you have wrestled with the first question, then the second one is this. “What shall I do?” I don’t mean obey the Ten Commandments, the Torah, the Four Noble Truths. This answer is personal as well. It relates to your specific life circumstances and skills. Over time, this answer will change and shift. A young worker starting out on a career will have a different answer than someone who is going into retirement. Age and income might affect your answer. I try t ask these two questions frequently in my life.

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