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Losers "AA is for losers," or so I have heard. I tend to agree. Everyone is AA has lost something, maybe everything but their life, which would have been next had they not gotten into recovery. And all the members feel lost, in a daze. No one hangs around in AA unless they have lost a lot. People who have lost only a little due to addiction, think they are "OK" and have things under control with only this temporary setback. Like marriage over, car wreck, job loss, and deteriorating health. I certainly have had losses, as most of us have. I did not get over them or work through them alone. I found people who had losses like mine. But I only tried to find like-minded people when I found that the loss was one I could not get over alone. Grief at the death of a loved one for instance required a grief support group. But there are still some groups that need founding from my experience. We need "Girl Friend Loss Anonymous." This would be a group for guys who screwed up a relationship. If the girlfriend dumped him for a better financial deal, well then the guy would fit into the grief part of the group. But generally, in this anonymous group the guy would find out that the girl was not so much a heartless witch, as he was a jerk. Now that would be my experience, and I would have recovered much better if someone had founded this group to enlighten me at my whining and self-pity times. If I tried to found such a group where would I find potential members? Bars. I am so glad that the only thing I am now losing is my memory. See, there is always a silver lining.

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