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Grace All the children love one teacher, but then right next store is another teacher, and her children do not have the same love. Two teachers, both competent, both with same age children, same demographics. You could make it too priests, or two anybody, who have the same skill set, and intelligence. Why is one loved more than the other? I call it the hidden ingredient. That is, it is hidden from the person who is loved, and even the children might not be able to name it. If asked, they would say, "We just love

her/him." Both teachers would be praised for their teacher skills, and competence. But it is the hidden ingredient that brings out the love. Since you cannot seem to control or manufacture it, just be glad that you have it. Another name for "it" is Grace. It is a free gift, I believe. It is not the same as the love when two people are "falling in Love." Or partner for "love." Such love can fade as many people know when they hear or say, "I don't love you anymore." The grace, the hidden ingredient that I am speaking about is not earned or manufactured. You just have it. How do I know. Humility prevents me from saying more.😇

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