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Power and Love

Power And Love Many people seem to want a god of power so that their power god can fix things, prevent bad things and keep good things going. But what if God does not care much for power, but does care about love. Why? The power god fixes things for people, or they so hope. The God of Love wants people to fix things. God is about relationship that bonds. There is a bible story for this. There was a king who had all power, and a servant who had no power but was in debt to the king, big time. The servant cannot pay up. So the power decision of the king is to sell the servant, his family and belongings to recover the debt. The servant begs and whines. The king becomes a king of compassion now. He forgives the debt, not postpones it, but forgives it. The hope is that now the servant will do likewise with others and the world will be less fractured. But the servant does not learn from the king. The servant goes to someone who owes him a debt and cannot pay. First a beating and then off to prison goes the debtor. The king then goes back to the power game and punishes his servant. What do we learn? God shows us a way, by forgiveness and compassion. This makes for a world more whole. We are then supposed to do likewise with one another. When we do not, our world becomes fractured and we are all broken by bad behavior. Asking God to make things right when we won't is insane. I pray for sanity each day.

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