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Rewind the Watch

Rewind The Watch Old folks will remember,

if they can remember at all, that we used to have to rewind our watches each day, sometimes twice a day. This is a good metaphor for daily prayer. It is like rewinding the watch. if we think of ourselves on a spiritual path, or in a relationship to our spiritual center, we cannot take for granted that all will go well without daily effort. Without some daily prayer, reconnection, “time out” for some quiet solitude, we will run out of the spiritual energy that fuels right living. At first, our progress slows and wrong actions, like wrong time, will enter our daily life. Then we just stop growing. We become dysfunctional. We think we are in the present moment, but in fact we are living in some past, as a clock that shows the wrong time. I try to rewind myself each day lest I lose touch with the present moment and the energy to live it properly wound up to the real. Maybe this blog is a part of your rewinding?

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