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Sharing Your Treasure


Old St. Mary’s + Chinese Mission is an intercultural community of faith, and each day we strive to stand up to our mission, staying true to the work we do as a parish and as the Second foundation of the Paulist Fathers and the first Cathedral in California.


Old St. Mary’s + Chinese Mission today and every day, is a beacon of faith, a haven and an advocate for those in need. It is also a patron of the arts, where our community can experience an awareness of God through the giftedness of musicians and artists. It is because of the generous financial gifts that we receive from our parishioners, friends and visitors,  hat we are able to continue to serve in these ways.


Your gift makes it possible for us to...


  • Celebrate the Church’s liturgy with beauty and dignity

  • Reach out with love to the poor and the needy

  • Offer faith formation programs

  • Compensate our staff with a just living wage

  • Sustain our highly acclaimed musical, ecumenical and cultural programs

  • Maintain our historic Church and other adjacent parish buildings


Online Donation


Gifts of any amount can be made via our secure online donation system. You can opt to make a one-time gift or a recurring offering. We are grateful for whatever support you offer.


Click here to make an online donation now.

Designated Offerings


Listed below are the "special collections" that the Cathedral receives throughout the calendar year, usually through a second collection at Mass or a special campaign.


Catholic Relief Services Lenten Missions:

CRS carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. 

Collection: During Lent


World Mission Sunday

Offerings from Catholics around the globe are distributed to about 1,100 mission dioceses.

Collection: October


Campaign for Human Development

Supports the domestic anti-poverty and social justice programs of the United States

Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Collection: November


Retirement Fund for Religious

Funds financial, educational, and consultative

support that helps religious communities care for senior members and plan for long-term retirement needs.         

Collection: December


Diocesan AAAA

AAA - enables the Archdiocese of San Francisco to carry out the mission of the Church

through it's various diocesan programs and ministries.


Annual Paulist Appeal

Supports the Paulist local and national mission of bringing lost Catholics home again, helping people of faith find common ground, instilling hope and faith in young people, and support and care for senior Paulists.

Collection: January


We also have a monthly “special needs collection” that is specifically for supporting Old St. Mary’s outreach ministries. This is a collection where we ask our parishioners and visitors to contribute to so that we can continue our community outreach and enrich our ministries.



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