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Music Ministries

Traditional Choir

Do you like to sing? Do you play a musical instrument? Join our choir and music ministry! Music is a vital element at our celebrations, and choir members continue a proud choral tradition of over 160 years. Warm-up for the 11:30am mass starts at 11:00am in the Sacristy. The regular weekly rehearsal is held right after Sunday, 11:30am mass.  Please see the choir director after the 11:30 AM Sunday Mass, email Satoko: sfmusicnote@gmail.comor call (415) 288-3800 to join.


Contemporary Music Group

Do you sing and/or play a musical instrument? We would welcome your talent in our music ministry. We are an informally structured group that has been providing music for the Mission and Old St. Mary’s for over 40 years. For more information, please see any member of our music group after the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass or email Ron Ng at:

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