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Because a wedding is worship, we ask that all who work at Old Saint Mary's, including photographers and videographers, act in a professional manner, respecting the sacredness of the ceremony and the assembly gathered in prayer. During the ceremony, picture-taking should be unobtrusive and respectful. If videotape equipment is used, it should be set up in a stationary place out of the sight lines of the assembly. Photographers may use the balcony.


Respecting the schedule of other weddings or church functions, the church can be made available for picture-taking before or after the ceremony. We recommend that photographers and videographers visit the church prior to the ceremony to become familiar with the surroundings and lighting conditions. Our present overhead lighting is mercury vapor and may require a special filter for the best results. During the procession, photographers/videographers must be unobtrusive and not obstruct or hold up the movement of the ministers and wedding party.


During the ceremony, those taking pictures may not:

  • be in the sanctuary (the altar area)

  • stand forward of the first pillar on the side aisles

  • stand forward of the last occupied pew in the center aisle

  • be positioned between the couple and the priest

  • stand on the pews or chairs

  • use flash or flood lights during the ceremony

  • use any theatrical spotlights already positioned in the church without prior written approval


Videographers may not change or add to the microphone system. The bridal couple is responsible for acquainting the photographer with these guidelines.


Before the wedding, please remind family members and friends to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. Call (415) 288-3800 with any questions or concerns you might have. Call several days prior to the wedding ceremony, do not wait until the day of the ceremony.



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