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Saturday for Engaged Couples for the 2023-2024 dates will be done as a Zoom meeting. 

If you have any questions about this, please email Fr. Tom at:

Fr. Tom


Sessions for 2023:February 11, April 15, June 10, August 12,  December 9 (Note the October 14th date has been cancelled)
Sessions for 2024: February 10, April 13, June 15, August 10, October 19. December 14
Sign up early; classes fill up quickly! Register Today!

Getting married in 2022-2023? Remember, the Catholic Church requires at least 6 months for marriage preparation! Sign up for one of the  2022-2023 Saturday for Engaged Couples.


The Saturday for Engaged Couples is a one-day, all-day exploration of  the meaning of marriage from a Roman Catholic perspective. Marriage is understood as "a covenant of irrevocable personal commitment between a man and a woman that is permanent and exclusive." On this day, the emphasis is on covenant and the commitment of two persons who create a community of life together through the sharing of the whole person -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Structure of the Day

Throughout the day, the nature of marital commitment is explored through presentations, couple exercises and group discussion. 

The topics that will be discusses are Communication, Family of Origin, Disagreements, Finance, Sexuality, Spirituality in Marriage, and Children.  In addition there is a practical guide to getting married in the Catholic church .

Please Note:

The FOCCUS inventory is required by the Archdiocese of San Francisco as part of the marriage preparation process.  The FOCCUS is not a part of the Saturday for Engaged Couples.  Please contact the priest/deacon doing your marriage preparation paperwork to have the FOCCUS done. 

The FOCCUS is  not required in every diocese.  Please check with the diocese in which you are getting married to see if it is a requirement



$200 per couple.  Registration is required. The fee is payable after the application is made.  Registration can be made on line or by mail.  Register on line here. For more information, please contact   Fr. Tom Tavella at or 415-288-3820.

The Saturday for Engaged Couples is a Zoom Conference until further noted.


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