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About Old Saint Mary's


Old St. Mary’s Cathedral + Chinese Mission is a unique Paulist Foundation which celebrates cultural diversity, continues the tradition of excellence in Catholic education, and seeks to evangelize in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We welcome all who seek to live the gospel while celebrating the generosity of God in Sacred liturgy.


During the past 160 years, Old St. Mary's has never stopped reaching out to the community as a force for unity, reconciliation and spiritual peace. As conditions and circumstances in the parish have changed, the church has responded to them. Its survival and continuing ministry are living testimony to the vital power of love in Christ. The Paulist Fathers, the first religious community for men founded in this country, assumed responsibility for the church in 1894. Old St. Mary's has provided many opportunities to fulfill their mission of responding to the needs of the times.


Located on the Corner of California & Grant, Old St. Mary’s and The Paulist have been ministering to China Town and the Financial District for over 127 years.


For more information about us and our ministeries you can email us at: or call is at 415-288-3800

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