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Dear Engaged Couple,


Welcome to our faith community at Old Saint Mary's Cathedral, California's first Cathedral,  This is our place of worship, our home of prayer, our gathering space for the parish family of Old Saint Mary's Cathedral + Chinese Mission. In choosing to celebrate your wedding here, you become part of a venerable tradition of shared faith in the heart of San Francisco that has reached out to people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs since 1854. We welcome you and your guests to our parish home and offer our prayers and best wishes for you during this special and grace filled time of preparation for your marriage.


The joining of two lives in love is one of those profoundly human moments when the power of God's love is made visible among us in a way that we can touch, taste, see and hear. It is a moment of openness, vulnerability, and possibility . . . a sacred and transforming moment when we mean what we do and become what we mean. In the Catholic Church we call such moments "sacramental." It is our privilege as a pastoral staff to walk with you as you prepare for this significant moment in your life journey.


This on-line guide offers various resources designed to answer commonly asked questions and to help you in the preparation process. If you know what you are looking for, use the navigation bar to the left to jump to that section. Or peruse the guide section by section.


While the months preceding your wedding can be hectic and stressful, this time offers you a unique opportunity to explore very consciously what marriage means to you, your hopes and desires for your relationship, and the role faith can play in your life together.


In the days and weeks ahead, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and to use all the support the parish has to offer to make this period of preparation both enjoyable and enriching. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, whether practical or pastoral, so that you may come to the day of your wedding in peace, joy and readiness for the married life that lies before you.


Since no wedding page would be complete without a checklist, we would also like to offer you a Catholic Wedding Preparation Checklist for your convenience. Remember, the Church requires at least 6 months for marriage preparation! And for your edification and enjoyment, we recommend The Princess, the Priest, and the War for the Perfect Wedding, brought to you by Busted Halo. Congratulations once again!



Fr. John Ardis ,CSP

Fr. John Ardis, CSP Pastor of Old Saint Mary's Cathedral + Chinese Mission
(415) 288-3800


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