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Weddings are a time of festivity and hospitality. The colors and symbols used in the worship environment reflect the rich meaning of this day. The couple themselves are the primary symbol of God's faithful, unconditional love. Whatever is added by way of decoration is intended to highlight without overwhelming the meaning of this celebration.


Old Saint Mary's worship space incorporates the colors and symbols of the liturgical season which remain in place for all our services. Early in the planning process, we can discuss the general decor of the church at the time of your wedding as well as creative options and guidelines for the worship environment of your celebration. As we seek an atmosphere of welcome and inclusiveness, to embody appropriateness, simplicity and elegance that befits our worship. Because Advent and Lent have a somber color and feel and the use of flowers is restricted, we don't recommend wedding celebrations during these seasons.


To help coordinate with the decor of the liturgical season, and for the protection of the church, Old Saint Mary's and Holy Family has a house florist. Any flowers for the altar, sanctuary, pews, other pew decorations, or other parts of the church, we require you to use our florist, Hoogasian Flowers, 615 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. They can be reached by phone at 415-229-2732. You are not required to have flowers in the church. To help coordinate flowers, Hoogasian will contact you unless you tell the priest you are working with otherwise.


You may use your own florist or our house florist for personal arrangements such as bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, etc.


We request that flowers in the sanctuary remain in the church for the enjoyment of the rest of the community.


The seating capacity of the church is 500. The center aisle has a total of twenty-one (21) pews on each side. There are nine (9) pews in each front section before the center break. Pew decorations must be secured by the use of ribbon only - no tape, tacks, or hooks, and are removed immediately after the ceremony. For reasons of safety and liturgical appropriateness, aisle runners are not permitted.


For evening services, the overhead lights may be dimmed and the some candles in the sanctuary can be lit. For reasons of safety, candles are not used in the body of the church.


Unity Candles

Unity candles, if you wish to use them, are available at a discount from the Paulist Bookstore, 614 Grant Avenue and can be left there until the rehearsal. The church has a tall brass unity candle stand that accommodates side tapers with a 7/8" fitted base and a center pillar candle no more than 3" in diameter. The stand can be decorated with flowers.



For reasons of safety, cleanup, and the environment, rice, confetti, birdseed or flower petals may not be thrown nor balloons released on church property.



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