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The Trip to Bethlehem

The Trip To Bethlehem So why did Mary go with Joseph to Bethlehem when she was due to have her baby? A census made her have to go? Try again. Mary did not have to go for a census. Only the males had to do it. The Roman culture did not count women for tax purposes in this conquered land. It was an 85 mile trip. The smart and safe move would have been to stay with relatives who would help her with the birth. Beats a stable as a hospital. Her going made no sense. It was not practical. Now the sceptic or non-believer might say this is a lot of made up stuff, and there was no census or going to Bethlehem. But spiritual writings have several levels of meaning, the literal being only one, and a surface one at that. Maybe there was a deeper meaning to the story? You think? What if the point is that God is not practical or sensical as we mere human beings would judge it? What if God is the unpredictable? That would be humbling...for us. But beyond that, what if Mary went because she loved Joseph very much and wanted to be with him, trusting that God would be there for her. What a concept! Mary was in deep love with her husband. She was trusting that love would win out. I can relate to this Mary. Save

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