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Private Property

Private Property Private property, a bedrock of capitalism, is not much for sharing. "I have mine. You get yours." If there is sharing it is called charity. Capitalism has done a lot of good things, but individualism as part of its economic religion does not do much for the have nots. "If they would only work," say those who have. Charity or government taxes fill in for those who have not, and in some places that is never enough. It was no better in feudal times when the Lord of the Manor owned all the land and people got to work it for a fee or tax. Fail to pay the tax, and you were out. Charity, steal, prostitution or Robin Hood were some options. It seems that what is missing is a sense that we are all interconnected, relational, rather than separate. You are a person because you are in relationship with others in a sharing manner. "Tribe" might be the image. Everyone tended t work in a tribe because they felt a relational connection with one another. "Advanced" people thought that "Tribe" was primitive, backward, economically deficient. Lots of such modern thinkers go to religious worship. But their Scriptures are tribal. Maybe avarice makes us illiterate?

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