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Toes Once upon a time there was a handsome little prince named Terry. He lived in a castle. His life was not all peaches and cream though because he had a big sister who was a witch. Now the witch could not walk because she did not have any toes. So she would fly about using her magic wand to take her aloft. Now Terry had toes and the witch wanted them, but she could not get them if Terry was vigilant. His mother, the Queen, made him special socks that he wore when he went to bed. His sister could not use her magic wand to get at his toes while he slept because of the magic socks. Terry complained to their mom the queen about his sister but mom just told him they would have to put up with her until she was old enough to marry and be some one else's problem. But one day it was raining all day and Terry was walking around in his bare feet as he was want to do when he played. He was always watchful though of his jealous sister. But finally, this rainy day Terry go so bored being inside that he dropped into a nap, barefoot! The witch swooped down and took off his toes and put them on her feet. Now the witch was able to walk about. She was so happy. She thought to go out into the woods where vicious and ugly goblins lived, her kind of people, but instead, her feet went to the chocolate ice cream freezer. "I hate chocolate," shouted the witch. Then her feet started walking toward Yankee Stadium. "I hate the Yankees, and baseball. It is so boring," she growled. Then her feet started walking to Terry's golf clubs. "I hate golf. It is so unfair," she groaned. Finally, her feet started to go toward the church. "I hate church. Love, kindness and compassion are for losers!" she shrieked. During all this time, Terry remained asleep. Fed up with Terry's willful toes, Maureen took them off and put them back onto Terry's feet. Off she flew, to bother him no more about toes. Terry then awoke, and said, "I feel like some chocolate ice cream. His feet knew where to go. The moral? Every part of you is meant to be the unique you. Envy about "missing" something will not make you better, but only more frustrated. Accept yourself.

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