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Killing for God

Kill For God

Religion starts out quite brilliantly, with great wisdom, generally. Then stuff happens. What stuff? Believers tend to kill people who don't agree with them. The killers have their narrow faith stance. It seems that fear is what happens and with fear comes killing. These people get into a belief list of issues that they call faith. Because it does not have to do much with love of others, or even connection with others beyond the tribe that agrees with them, fear seems to develop. They don't like people who are different. Differences threaten these "list believers." Over time, historical issues become matters for belief. You can have schisms based upon who is pope or head Iman. It is really a grab for power. Power comes into focus over time as the "Way" gives way to "The Creed." In my religion, the cross was a corrective to the inevitable grab for power and control. It seems we wear crosses as jewelry, and put a cross in the center of our buildings, but then forget about it when we get into daily life. So who are you trying to have power over or control today

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