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Non-Belief God can work with nonbelievers. I have found it to be so in recovery programs, as well as church related situations. An example: A guy goes to AA to get sober. He does not believe in any god. So when everyone holds hands at the end of the meeting and prays the Lord's Prayer, he keeps his lips sealed. The Higher Power goes to work. How? A fellow across the room who likewise has no belief, sees this guy not moving his lips, so after the meeting, he goes up to the sealed lip guy and talks to him, and then asks him to help to go through the steps. It's ironic you say? Nothing is beyond spiritual power. I have seen it in church where people are attracted to those who don't seem to be so pious. The moral? Be yourself, in a healthy way, with a spiritual program that makes sense to you. You will be surprised at who might notice. Not everyone wants to be a holy card saint.

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