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Fleeting Concern

Fleeting Concern In centuries past, some ascetic monks and hermits counseled a "careless and fleeting concern for the world." They said we were to fix our energy and attention on the next life, the everlasting one as they saw it. Back then, there was little knowledge of how our earth is adversely affected by what we do. Life was hard and short and you did what was needed to survive. The communal monks, such as Benedictines, who farmed and ranched the land, had a better idea about ecology, though that was not a word used back then. Nowadays, we realize that whatever comes after death cannot be our only concern. If we don't take care of our planet, there will be no life that precedes death. Eternal life presupposes a temporal one on this earth. A modern mystic who is not concerned and connected to the earth is probably part of the problem.

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