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Happy Easter

Happy Easter If you are trying to make something of Easter, you might want to make some quiet time for yourself. That is, make a choice for some silence. It might make you more attentive to what is going on around you, much less within you. Silence is the food of our inward self, whatever inward might be. For

all those people who believe in Resurrection and are going to make this a pretty noisy day, you might recall that in the Resurrection story, Jesus seems to rise at about dawn or even before that. Not much noise going on. No fanfare. The guards were blown away, yes, but no other people seem to have experienced the event. Maybe Jesus wants to surprise you in the quiet on this day. I don't mean that you should go into a hermitage all day. Who would feed me Easer dinner if that happened? But some quiet time for yourself. Maybe walk around in a garden. Jesus was buried in a cemetery, and those are garden type places, quiet places. And if you think that you are too big a sinner or bad person, or crazy, I recall that he did appear to a woman named Mary Magdalene. She had her demons and lived a life a bit tainted. But she knew she was loved being Mary Magdalene. That is the key. Search in the silence, like she did. Surprise! That is Resurrection.

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